Contact: Dr. Louise Parker

email: restlessrosevintage@gmail.com

tel: 01603 870348


I am Louise, owner and designer maker at Restless Rose Vintage. In another life I am a writer, but at the moment I am mostly mum of two and maker of bespoke mixed media jewellery.


I am an experienced and versatile designer-maker. If you like quirky original pieces then I will almost certainly be able to meet your brief. I specialise in bespoke vintage textile headpieces but am also happy to work in copper and silver. I welcome all commissions and love a challenge. Recent jobs include a wreath of individually forged copper leaves, a silver wrap around ring, and setting an art-deco scarab beetle in a silver pendant. 


20180113_214243For Restless Rose I fashion original pieces from primarily ethical sources: Most materials date from pre-1970 and are currently predominantly textile based. Antique and vintage lace feature frequently in my designs, as do re-purposed or previously unused buttons, embroidered motifs, beads, braids, and broken jewellery. Inspiration is diverse and the pieces are eclectic and individual responses to many periods.



I work intuitively and instinctively, rarely from a pre-drawn design, the finished product often depends on how the individual components relate to each other during assembly, so each piece is always formed through an organic evolving process. However, I do love sketching the pieces after they are finished to keep a record.

I hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoy making.

Love Restless Rose x

IMG_20171228_224220_127 (1)

Hand Forged Copper Leaves

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