The Restless Rose Shed


This is where I work, in my shed studio: the summer house at the top of the garden. This is truly a room of my own complete with French day bed for sudden naps. In the year and three months I have been using it, it has morphed from an Autumn sewing room, to a Winter metalworking forge, into a Spring Hapazome (flowerghosting) Zone and then back again.


Forging Leaves.
my space is always used and never pristine. from coffee cup to piles of copper scraps it’s certainly real. I struggle to keep it still.
the new home for my copper and brass wires.
Two summer’s ago, I digressed. Finding a pin on flower pounding I saved it, thinking it would be a fun thing for my children to do in the easter holidays. It turned out that I loved it more, and I spent the entire summer Ecoprinting and flower pounding. Last summer was much the same, except over the winter I built my own dye garden where I sowed all the seeds I needed to fill even larger pieces of calico, muslin and cotton.

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