The Restless Rose Shed




This is where I work, in my shed studio: the summer house at the top of the garden. This is truly a room of my own complete with French day bed for sudden naps. In the year and three months I have been using it, it has morphed from an Autumn sewing room, to a Winter metalworking forge, into a Spring Hapazome (flowerghosting) Zone and then back again. I have a butterfly mind.


Forging Leaves.
my space is always used and never pristine. from coffee cup to piles of copper scraps it’s certainly real. I struggle to keep it still.
the new home for my copper and brass wires.
Last summer brought an amazing and unexpected digression into Ecoprinting and Hapa Zome (flower pounding). For most of the summer my shed was transformed into a textile botany lab. It was a truly alchemical season! A tiny portion of what i made is showcased on the Flower Ghosting page.

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