There are some pieces you find on your travels that are just too beautiful and rare to part with. When West Wales, particularly Carmarthen, was my main hunting ground I found this vintage velvet flowered bridal hair piece, which someone had clearly lovingly handmade in the early to mid-twentieth century. There are still long looping brown running stitches in the Crinoline crescent that acts as its base. In the indoor market there was the smallest antique shop. A booth of beautiful things among the fruit and veg and the lava bread and the razor shells, where the ladies still stopped to gossip over 1920’s stockings, jaunty ’40’s hats, and the odd fur stole.A good ten minute nose yielded this, along with two other millinery bits, in the glass cabinets. They were not priced but I was told with an indulgent smile that, yes they were for sale to the determined and rare buyer who managed to find them. So, she reluctantly sold them to me for £12.00 on the proviso that if I ever sold them on I would do so only to her! I promised laughing, knowing at the same time I would never let them go.

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